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Sito Louis Vuitton Vendita Con Economici Borse LV, 100% garanzia di qualità!

From the skins with the pins and sealing wax and other details.  Sito Louis Vuitton  car suture is not only neat symmetry, and is on the wax cotton cord, can be used as identification details. All LV products, rough and tough stitching seam in equal intervals, it is said that every inch strict rules how many pins. Within the grid and hand-car line is the same meticulous, open the inner LV Bag handle buckle at a fixed bit skin location is also correct. Imitation goods now can be done even if the appearance, but inside the wire bit difficult to do so meticulous. Said before the needle angle can differentiate fake bag is usually a line down the straight, I really pack on the corner of each needle at an angle, like a row of willow-like, at an angle. But now doing super A imitation can also do this. So this not as proof, only as a standard package for testing truth imitation finesse. The following two old true and false package compared with skin look. Not tell too much from the photo is out. Touch on the hand is slightly different, imitation leather hard and bright, really a little softer. Also observe the line of cars used by the true and false new package, there are different, but the only difference between new and only as a reference. Authenticity is yellow. Imitation I do not know why always use the wrong color, the cowardly yellow or very Yan is yellow. But usually only when the more obvious fake worn, from the color of the line will differentiate unlikely.




Louis Vuitton Borse  in some obscure location printed on the production plant and Year numbers, usually by two English words and four digits. Every LV handbag. And produced in different years. Bags of different models, the serial number is not the same. Imitation serial number will be, but often a fake plant with the same serial number. It must be noted that some genuine wrapped in bags produced before 1987 no such numbers. Borse LV  according to different series, serial number imprinted position. : Strap inside the root, the metal ring inside the root cortex bag with leather buckles on the side, on the side seam inside the bag with leather inside the bag has a top stitched LV write a full leather small bag then open the inside, the inside joints, including branding, open the bottom of the bag with leather by sewing the position. Short fine looking total Nengzhaodedao.